Standard Components LLC (SCI)

Since its inception in 2001, Standard Components LLC, a privately owned business enterprise, has specialized in the design, build, and certification of Automotive, Aerospace and Defense Checking Fixtures, Holding Fixtures, Gages, and Assembly Tooling.

Standard Components LLC has provided it's Customers with world class quality solutions to their gaging and tooling needs. Based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, our 44,500 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, houses a climate controlled environment, a dedicated Certification Room, two (2) 10 ton Crane Bays, Weld and Paint Stations, and ample room for our 3-Axis and 5-Axis Milling Centers and other machinery.

From Automotive to Aerospace to Defense, our customer base is growing.  We are proud to have established relationships with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, Honda Jet, General Dynamics, Bombardier, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, FCA, General Electric and Caterpillar.

Our unparalleled expertise in the delivery of high quality CMM Checking Fixtures, Weld Fixtures, Vacuum/Drill Jigs, Assembly Fixtures and other Tooling has been recognized by numerous awards and testimonials for outstanding customer satisfaction and unsurpassed customer value. The next time your project requires professional Tooling services, contact Standard Components LLC.

“Designers and Builders of World Class Tooling”